Chinese and American professional sports dialogues successfully held in four major leagues  


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13/11/2018 8:12 pm  


American professional sports led by the four major professional leagues has always been a template for 

the development of sports industry in various countries. In order to provide a communication 

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the Chinese and American professional sports circles, and provide opportunities for China to learn 

advanced American professional sports experience, yesterday Shougang Sports and Beijing Sport University 

Co-organized the "China-US Professional Sports International Market Dialogue".


Chairman of China Ice Hockey Association, Party Secretary of Beijing Sport University Cao 

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CEO of Shougang Sports, Chairman of Beijing Shougang Basketball Club Qin Xiaowen, 

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of Dallas Lone Ranger Club, President of Basketball Operations Donnie Nelson, Head of Dallas Lone 

Ranger Club China Senior executives and industry experts from the US-based professional sports 

international market, such as President of NelTex Sports  in the United States and President of 

Texas Pilots Baseball Club, have completed this high-end dialogue. Professors from  relevant fields 

in Beijing Sport University and hundreds of students who have a strong interest in the international 

sports market have become witnesses to this high-end dialogue.


As the Chinese professional sports market is still in its infancy, most professional clubs are unable 

to invest more energy in “being the team’s achievements”, said Lei Tai, head of the Lone 

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China, including the Dallas Lone Ranger Club.  The American professional clubs will follow the 

"fan-centered" operating principle. "In addition to winning and losing, professional sports also 

have a lot of content for serving fans." For professional sports clubs that have formed a global 

industrial chain, win the support of fans to achieve Its own healthy development is  undoubtedly 

the club's most important operating philosophy. Donnie Nielsen said: "A good professional 

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only has good players, but also good staff, such as the Lone Ranger team has attracted a lot of high 

levels. The operators to ensure the continued healthy development of the club, there is no good alliance 

without a good club. What professional sports clubs have to do is to serve the community and serve 


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